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Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks Review

Liquid Lipsticks are my obsession this year! I've been purchasing a couple from different brands so I can try them all out and compare them to each brand. These two shades are the latest ones that I have picked up and they are from Anastasia Beverly Hills. You can order these from Sephora if you're in the UK and I don't think the shipping is too much! 

So the first shade I got is this pinky nude colour called Crush. I'm pretty sure that this is a shade that was released this year in the Spring/Summer Collection. I love this colour and find myself wearing this one a lot! I said this is my Mini Beauty Haul post, but I find this colour very similar to the Lip Kits by Kylie in the shade Koko K. So if it is easier for you to get your hands on the Anastasia Liquid Lipsticks but wanted Koko K, I would definitely recommend this one! 
Top: Lip Kit by Kylie in Koko K
Bottom: Anastasia Beverly Hills Crush

I also prefer the formula of the Anastasia Liquid Lipsticks to the Kylie Jenner ones, I find that after wearing them for a long time, the Kylie ones can feel a little bit drying but I've not had this problem with the Anastasia ones. Although, I did find that Crush came off a little bit after wearing it whilst eating and drinking, but reapplying it was so easy and it looked as good as new! 

The other colour that I got is Rio, which is a very bright pink! It is definitely not the colour I usually wear, but I had inspiration from Rachel Leary's video when she swatched and reviewed this whole Summer collection. I loved how this shade looked on her and just went for it! And I'm so glad I did because I am obsessed. My main idea was to get this shade for whilst I'm on holiday but after trying it on, it is a lot more wearable than I thought! I think it would look perfect for Summer nights out and drinks with friends. 

I didn't keep this shade on for as long as I have worn Crush for, but whilst wearing this one I didn't find that it faded at all, the colour still stayed really pigmented throughout the day. I think this shade adds such a nice pop of colour to your make up, and as I said I think it would look perfect throughout these summer months! 

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