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Holiday Lookbook & Diary - Day 6 & 7

Of course, on our last two nights we went out for food and drinks. I had found this really nice playsuit from New Look a few weeks before we went away and loved it! So I saved this for one of our last nights, it is a really thin material so is perfect for when you're on holiday and it's hot!

On our last night, we were invited to the opening night of a new restaurant so we spent our night there. I wore the 90's style black crop top with my Embroidered shorts from Missguided. I also wore this kimono over the top, as we'd spent the past few nights out quite late and sat outside and it got a little bit colder as the night went on. 

I will be back to posting every Tuesday and Friday now that I have posted all of my Holiday Lookbook. 

Beth X 

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